Terry's Men's Collection

Terry's Jewelry & Gifts carries a variety of stylish and contemporary jewelry for men. Designed by Ostbye, our jewelry is available in durable metals that can be comfortably worn every day.

Titanium is the latest trend in fashion jewelry. Its silver-grayish color is close to white and does not tarnish. Known for it's strength and durability, titanium is one of the hardest metals in the world. Titanium is lightweight, can be comfortably worn, and has a decreased tendency to provoke allergic reactions and discolorations of the skin. These characteristics make titanium an ideal alternative metal for jewelry.

Ceramic is a comfortable and durable alternative metal. Virtually impossible to scratch, ceramic maintains its sleek and stylish finish.

Chrome is the newest, whitest, contemporary metal. It is strikingly white, hard, durable, affordable, and modern.

Tungsten Carbide is the perfect combination of strength, style, and comfort. One of the hardest and most durable metals used in jewelry, tungsten will maintain its finish and is virtually impossible to scratch.